Timeline II

Any spare time this month has been spent on furthering coding. It might not look like much but I had a breakthrough with the work on my timeline.

Might look like a mess but that black smudge means that the text is aligned height wise with the events.

You can also see that I've written and implemented some code so that the event lines don't overlap.

Next step is to repurpose the code for no colliding of the lines to work for the text. So it will make the snippets of text on the corresponding side of the line.

Collapsibles make things a bit more comprehensible. Still need to write up some css to make the entries look neater and contained. Was toying with the idea of scrolls.

You can also see me mapping out the split time line for blood bowl and fantasy. Written the code for the two new positions but haven't let it run through yet.

Short post this month but hopefully there will be some more content for next month.

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  1. Looking forward to this when you get it ready!