Shop displays

Been accumulating a lot of pictures from popping in to shops and looking at the displays so about time I unload some.
I do really like these new industrial sets, I imagine they must be great for Necromunda.
The Brimstone Peninsula
With our poster boys Sigmarines I mean Stormcast vs Khorne who both need a bit more publicity because it's not at the point this is getting a bit dull now.
Necromunda girl in the background.
New boxset has changed out Chaos for some new undead at least, still loads of stormcast though.
Battle for Cadropolis
This first load of pictures is from Warhammer World
Slaanesh tainted
Sisters of Khaine
Even if I don't always agree with aesthetics and marketing decisions, I can't deny Games Workshop make amazing models.
Me still doing a blog on their products speaks for that I assume.
This is all the attention Blood Bowl get. I should be happy they get a place in the display, but it felt a bit lacking in effort and it being so barren around it doesn't help.

This load is from a Games-Workshop store in Bristol.
This guy seems to be a favourite to put in the window facing the streets in GW stores.
I think I've heard it nicknamed "the Cabbage" on some podcasts.

A picture where you actually can see something else than the reflections.
I like it, very compact though.
Here are some pictures from the Nottingham store.
It had several Golden Demon entries on display.
Not sure if the pin is due to this one winning a prize or just that it was competing in Golden Demon.
Eidolon of Mathlann – Aspect of the Storm,
Street window display for soul wars.
Awesome Vampire conversion
Too big for going on the Blood Bowl pitch sadly.
Think the pipe diorama is meant to take place onboard one of the sky ships hence cotton clouds.
Nice wolf diorama.
I like these objective markers but don't really have a reason to buy them.
Even though it's tempting to buy them, I know they would only end up on the pile with all the other unpainted terrain.
Blue bird.
It's very alluring to start collecting cute nurglings but think I have to restrict myself to snotlings, at least until I start converting up a nurgle team. Probably will pick up the newly released team but only for the balls, coins, marker and to support the new release of blood bowl, but think I'll convert up the players myself.
Sigmarite marauder queen.
Diffrent angle.
Don't know what the token is for? Feel free to leave a comment and enlighten me.
Was looking at these but found the full box cheaper online, so got the card as well so if someone is interested in them, they are up for trade since I don't think I will be getting into Shadespire. I should spend some time to put up my trades page with everything I have and the things I'm looking for, all in its time.

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