The Scarcrag Snivellers

Let's have a look inside the Goblins team box for Blood bowl.
Was a bit on the fence with the stile they went with but I like them the more I look at them.
Snotling in ball costume is the best ball so far.
Was odd to find a plastic tub inside the box. Haven't seen those other than for metal models. I got a sneaking suspicion it's to fill out the cardboard box to keep the same size as the other teams, these smaller sprues could have fitted in a box half the size.
Two of each two sprues.
You get one of these when you buy the 4-pack Blood Bowl Goblins.
The only mushroom (two if you count duplicates) is the one on the snotling ball which is a surprise. Goblins and mushrooms usually goes together like bread and butter.


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