4th Edition Lizardmen Team

Part II
I picked up a pack of "made to order Lizardmen" to complete a team with models I already own. Giving me a total of 10 skinks, but chose to introduce two plastic skinks to the team. That leaves me with 3 spare skinks that I could put back in to my Lizardmen army. Alternatively if somebody want to run a team with 12 skinks, or removing some more bows, there is potential for 15 skinks and a kroxigor.
Speaking off skinks I put my skinks on 25mm bases to distinguish stunty players. Planning on doing that to stunties on all the teams, since 32mm is ridiculously big for some off these small guys, they get lost in the big base.
1 Kroxigor
6 Saurus Blockers
9 Skink Runners
1 Slibli

I bought these models when they where still available to order from Games Workshop. Haven't rebased them yet, but when I've paint up the team, I'll touch these up and rebase them with the others.
To the right most we got Star Player Slibli, with a ball placed under his arm. The ball being very hard to remove, so not painted to make less visible. He gets away with it for being a star player, since it seems a losing battle trying to rid star players of balls.
The Parasaurolophus (black) guy, was also one of the guys I bought back when they where available but never got painted.
Owning a extensive Lizardmen collection, I was about to include these to give a bit more variety to the team. Decided against it, since they are slightly taller and not as closely to the stile of the team, as I expected. So to avoid any confusion, I just drew some inspiration from their helmets.
I did however recruited some skinks from my collection. I felt it was harder to easily distinguishing between the small helmets, it would help with more variety in posing. Shouldn't arise any confusion.

Helmet on the guy to the right is inspired by a Nigersaurus skull.
Helmet on the guy to the left is inspired by a Oviraptor skull. I had trouble trying to make the ridge too detailed, and it ending up to big. I hope that when painted this will be okay.
Middle skink: There is all ready a Parasaurolophus skull helmet on the original skinks, I wanted a bit more duck beak so I made my own. I left the horn shorter / broken off to easier distinguish the two.
Helmet on the left most skink is inspired buy a aquarium decoration skull I liked the look off.

Helmet of right most skink is based on a Dilophosaurus skull.
To the left Triceratops inspired and added knuckle duster.

To the right I took inspiration from the helmet on one of my old temple guard, shown earlier (guy with blue loincloth). Not easiest to see from pictures but short horn stud pointing more forward. Better pictures to come once painted.

Plastic arms from old 5th ed Lizardmen Saurus warriors to add more diversity.
Helmet on the left inspired by Achelousaurus skull.
To the right helmet inspired by a Subadult Specimen of Rubeosaurus ovatus.

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