A bit late post this month. Life is busy and when I went to paint up the pumpkins from last month post to have something to show, I could only find old dried up paints and a weird colour selection as well, so basically all the colours that never get used. I manage to find four more colours now (a week later) so writing up this while letting a coat dry. It won't be much to show but feels better than a post saying sorry no content for this month. I got loads of old pictures in the queue but I feel like I don't know where I left off and I wouldn't expect any readers to have a clue either so probably need to spend a significant amount of time to try to make anything comprehendible out of it. But this post probably be some educational with old and new colours name. Enough waffling here are some pictures of the pumpkins:

Ground coat of, attempted to try to get Snakebite Leather now called Balor Brown, Scorched Brown now Rhinox Hide not sure how much I managed to get out of either since they where quite dried up. Mixed in some Scab Red now Khorne Red for a second coat.
Manage to find some Fiery Orange now Fire Dragon Bright.
And mixed them together to get a bit darker orange.
 First coat of orange.
 Second coat
Was thinking to lighten up the colour for some high lighting with Bubonic Brown now Zamesi Desert but all dried up so I tried went with Bleached Bone now Ushabti Bone. Some Dark Angels Green now Caliban Green on the leaf. That has to be it for now. I'll try to get a more proper post before the holidays.

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