Halloween Special

Thought we make some pumpkins today while I had the green stuff out.

Didn't have enough hands to take pictures while working on them, but it's an easy enough process.
Started by rolling a round ball. Then marked the ridges using a silicon tipped sculpting tool.
Then took the other end of the tool to make the indent in the top.
Cleaned up the edges of the crater.
Attached a leaf not sure why because they don't grow there on pumpkin plants... but felt appropriate.. Added the stem stump.
And lastly went over the ridges again.
We'll see how they turn out. The greenstuff was still quite soft so might sag a bit to much. But they where quite quick to make, so might do some more when I see how these turned out.
Yeah and the chair I took out the greenstuff for. A cheap dollhouse chair. Not the best of jobs done on it. Thought that some cross beams might distract from the state of the rest of the chair. Couldn't detach the legs to drill in to them properly so decided to just greenstuff the beams in place. Then sand it a bit and then cover it in a thick coat of paint.

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