Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets

Still putting of working through the stuff in queue so here are some stuff I did yesterday.
Listen to a song for quite long ago where the lyrics talked about seven angels and seven trumpets, and got the idea about doing a filler strip with seven goblins playing trumpets.

There is 7 different spear men in the battle for skull pass set so it was meant to be. Looked through my bits box and picked out some trumpets.
Drilled out the bell a bit to make them look nicer. While looking into the origin (Revelation by John of Patmos) I found there is also an angel with a censer so will probably cut up another one and give him a censer, the more the merrier. So probably 5 trumpets on a regiment base and 3 lose 2 trumpets and a censer bearer.
Even drilled out the mouthpiece a bit, it won't be visible though...
Seen here in place...
Some foreshadowing of my trolls. Added ears on a couple of them. Since the battle for skull pass one have a damage ear.
Trying to fix a ogre club for a troll. Trolls have four fingers and ogres have five.
Found a nice accessory for one of my trolls, (throwback to old metal giant.) however the jaw flew off when I lay down the head so don't know if I'll be able to find it again.
The rest of the dark elf trumpet added. Don't know what to put in his other hand yet. And a troll puking.

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