CSS Monkey Business

Some progress on the name generator has been made:

  • There now is a Star Sign and Physical Features Generator added. The Physical Features generation is also available as an option on the races generators respectively. (Known bug: also shows up on the Lizardmens generator, will deal with this shortly). 
  • Halfling and Dwarf names are now generated with a birthplace.
  • Some ’ bugs been squashed.
  • Started transition from ◻︎no Surname and ◻︎no Title  to:  ☑︎Surname and ☑︎Title

Can't remember if there is something more that have been done since last status rapport. But the main thing I've been working on is to try to implement my custom check boxes and radio buttons but haven't had much success. I'm quite pleased with how I've placed the buttons at the moment after I made some small adjustment to the spacing to fit the new Physical Features Generator. But now when I trying to change it, it takes on its own life, behaving in unpredictable ways. Been trying to strip it down to the bare basics to try to understand what's going on but it left me clue less. Even when I try using my current code it seems to become upside down or mirrored so somethings messing with me and I haven't figured out what yet. I think I need a little break from CSS and then go back and try to learn to crawl before I try to run. I preferred java script since it's more math/logic based but think that is mostly done now and it's more the styling that needs to be done (through CSS sadly). 

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