Dice Tin Hacks

Through out your dices I've found the true purpose of the dice tins Gw use to sell. To be honest you probably thrown away all your gw dice in rage reading the 9th ed rumors already.

In truly pedagogic fashion I don't have a picture of a dice tin but trust me they sold dice tins like this just with dice on the front instead. This is is a counters/markers set for spell effects and other stuff.
But look at this it's like they're made for keeping models you're working on inside.Painting project or converting doesn't matter, just magnetise your models and stick them on the side. Ok might not look that impressive but it's just the right size, they don't have room to slide around and they sit firmly and the tin is so small it can fit almost any pocket. I'm telling you it's the next thing in project transportation. Old gw dice tins, you heard it here first!
Yeah the hole transport thing was because I was traveling back to Sweden over easter, and back, so haven't done so much since last. But before I went away instead of finishing off one off all the projects laying around I thought why not start another new one... So since it summer here (at least swedish summer) lets make skies. This is old plastic cards (I think these were the old pay cards you had for phone booths), that I cut up and then heated up the end with some hot air from the electric heater to bend up the tip. Not the best angle to be able to see but they have the normal ski shape.

Cut up some of my trusty gobbos to get some nice poses. I'm planing 5-6 of them in different poses. These two are going to be two classical ski poses: the one on the left bent over heads up ski poles on the side, your typical downhill trying to build up some speed. And the one on the right got the one ski over the other cross problem, bending over cursing.

I'll have to try to finish off some projects and get back to painting.

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