Name Generators Alpha 0.1

I invite you my dear readers to be part of the alpha testing squad of the Name Generators done so far. Still some bugs hanging around and races not done yet. But it feels it would be great if I get it up before Christmas so you can start naming all your new toys as soon you get them. This goes for  Warhammer characters, regiments and crew members, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Warhammer Quest, Warhammer FRP, Warmaster, anyone still playing Warhammer Skirmish, you name it, it will fit all that are based on the Warhammer Fantasy fluff.

Sneak Peak:

I've been trying to learn CSS code this month to style the generator. Haven't figured out everything yet but I have not given up.

Some short info about the name gen that didn't include in last post
The goblin name generator 40 032 possible outcomes a bit less on actual names since you can get same name from different source names (232 source names at the moment) but still think you will manage, and bear in mind this is with the No Titles function haven't even considered trying to calculate how many out comes if you start counting in those, try it out and you'll see what I mean..

Skaven, Daemons, Ogre kingdoms, Lizardmen name generators are based on material once available on Games-Workshops website.

Halfling, Dwarf, Elves, Empire name gens from are based on material old Warhammer FRP book threw in Foretelling of Doom also for the fun of it.

Bretonnia, Norse name gens are based on material from old Warhammer Quest website

And you Vampire Counts players out there who feel disappointed that you didn't see your name above despair not, you can still name your 1000 zombies. You just have to decide what they were before getting reanimated.

Head over to the name generators page and start naming your models.

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