Stonehorn Thundertusk

So I had planned to put up some more functions for the Name Generator this month. It was going to be appearance generator: Height, weight, eye- hair colour, distinguishing marks, star sign, age and number of siblings. And add Dwarf and Halfling birthplace. However the lack of people trying out the Generator and the amount of work I spent on it, followed by new rumours about edition 9 rendering my generator worthless didn't really fuel my energy to sit down and continue coding.

So this month you'll only getting a in the box.
Check out the Generator if you want it to get updated.

So I got this box just because it's cool. Decided recently that I will build a Stonehorn without a rider for use as scroll of binding and Storm of magic.

<-Back of the box with Stonehorn
 Front with Thundertusk
Building it without riders leaves me with loads of bit and goodies. A throne, a birdy I hope I can make something fun out of. Lots of food I'm going to hang on my pump waggons.
underside of previous sprue

the ogre head with the long beard with bones in it will get shaved and donate his beard to one of my snow trolls I think.
Thunderhorn tusks that can become useful for conversions I think war machines and other stuff that needs frames.
Main body and some nice baseing detail. Going to try to replicate it.
and underside
and the base.

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