Valentine Special

So this year I'm taking care of my teachers house and cats while she is on vacation. It's a neat little house on the country side, so I'm a bit isolated no flower shops close by and spring hasn't arrived here yet. So lets make some roses for valentine.

Some paper clip, green stuff, time and patience.
Applying one petal at a time. Letting it cure in between so that previews petals don't get squashed.
I put the lump of green stuff in the freezer so that it wouldn't cure as fast while I waited on the rose.
Did some other green stuff meanwhile.
The further I got the more careful I felt I needed to be to not mess up the hole thing.
The green stuff lump got quite far in the curing process so was a bit hard to work with in the end but silicon colour shapers work great since the green stuff don't stick to them.
Had to make a decision when to stop adding petals. They might not look super realistic but I felt they look good enough and added the green leaf like remains from the bud.

Starting making leaves for the stem, once it's dried I'll add two more in a clover pattern then try to attach it to the stem.
Not finished yet. But thought I write the blog post while it dried. Hope you find some inspiration.

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