Photos, so many photos

Lets try again...
After almost 3 years the blue herd march to waaagh again (gets ambushed by some empire wizard wanting blue mushrooms)

So my phone didn't want to co-operate so my friend and opponent stood for the documentation, there for the delay with the pics (plus post not saving etc.). Don't remember much but what I do will be shared. See it more as pictures with description rather than a battle report.

Empire deployment.
Out of frame to the right: 10 knights
From the right (in frame)
5 Pistoliers,  mortar, first unit of chicken riders (demigryphs), Volley gun, great cannon and engineer
10 crossbowmen, Hodor the beast magician (lvl1), 10 knights, Luminark of Hysh with a lvl4 and a second unit of chicken mc nuggets
My middle, with mangler Monty Python style. Squig herd and Night Goblins with Hand weapons in the background.
My general Black Gobbo on griffon stand in Hamtaro and out of frame to the right a unit of squig hoppers with a hero on a great cave squig. Think we didn't manage to get any pictures of the entire game. Equaling their accomplishments.
From the bottom.
Snotling pump wagon, 30 Night Goblin bowmen with a lvl1 Night goblin Shaman I think, Dome diver, Rock lobber, Spear chukka, (These three didn't play for me, the dices just didn't work.) Behind the hill a unit of Night Goblin Spear men with bsb and unpainted Gubbinz as a lvl 4 Night Goblin great Shaman, and the second mangler squig.

I get first turn and all squigs march forwards and my war machines shoots at his war machines but accomplish nothing.
Close ups.
He focus his shooting and maybe magic on my manglers and picks them of.
Spot the difference, no really don't know if there are any specific reason. His engineer seems to be missing I might have magic him of or something...
Realise the fanatics
Close up on my archers and lvl1 shaman. These guys didn't do much this game.
Knights and stuff.
Big mistakes where made here. Hamtaro hiding in fear, from the war machines I was unable to shoot of. Decided to wait for a charge from the knights instead of charging them. Thought the squig hoppers could support Hamtaro if he would hold one turn. Not that bright since the knights are armed with lances but I think I learned my lesson.
Run, run you chickens!
Less than an inch from the border, and of course they will rally the next turn. Not as satisfying anymore.
The squigherd almost entirely withered away by shooting. So he sunk all his firepower on the manglers then the squigs. Leaving my war machines alone so they could shoot away his war machines but nope, not this game.
Move forth my archers to force the demigryphs to charge them leaving the pump wagon able to flank charge if they where to hold up. Spoiler : yeah sure big chance. Turns out demigryphs pack quite a punch.
Don't know?
Some knights running.. don't remember why and Hodor...
An other angle
So nom nom nom, but but guess who can do a 360° charge with no line of sight requirement. Turns out 2D6 s4 impacts hit is a bit scary.
So yeah not that great idea. Hamtaro on the run. R.i.p. my black gobbo. Onwards I'll kit him out to be more survivable since his wyvern I mean griffon cost so much. The rabbit is stand in for a hero on great cave squig. You can glimpse some squig hoppers behind the knights.
And yup they didn't stand a chance as expected and Hamtaro also got munched up.
Guess what the sun broke through an opportunity for vengeance showed itself and I rolled snake eye, double one. Two hits no wounds. No redemption here.
The frightened chickens marching back in to fight.
I let Hodor get of a Transformation of Kadon in to a Hydra since I could just dispel it next turn
Pretty much the remains of my army
An epic last stance for honour and glory. Double charged by knights and demigryphs.
Ok got some more gobbos left but still. The best and the worst about this was that the demigryphs broke from battle and fled again, but I couldn't run them down since I was locked in place by the knights :(
That conclude the battle.
We'll have our revenge!
Since the delay I got in a Triumph & Treachery game (the centre ground scenario) and the blue herd was victorious! It was a fun game, Dark elves, High elves and my gobbos. No pics from that though.

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