It have been much paperwork this month, it sucks the life and energy straight out of my soul,
(also been hospitalised and been abroad) thus the delay of the blog post.

So I went to my college interview in England this month. I brought some work samples, the teacher liked my roses but wasn't that fuzzed about the models I brought so I tried to direct attention away from them. Did some logic test and talked about the course and my plans for the future. When it all was over I was offered a place, so I'll be moving to UK if all goes well and mange to get funding for the course fee and living expenses etc.

So the move will be quite a project, I believe many of you can relate too this since this hobby tend to encourage collecting and piling up stuff. So I'll have to decide what to do with all this junk. I feel that bringing some is a must since I'll be moving to the motherland and the cradle of the hobby. But it will not be that practical since I'll be moving by air. The fact that it seems cheaper to fly by London instead of Lincoln doesn't make the trip more convenient with much luggage. Then I'm not sure on what my accommodation situation will be either.

Well in due time we will see how I solve those problems, anyways here is a pic how I transported my stuff.
Straight form twitter... I taped a thimble-potted plant in the middle since it had no magnet. Magnets are awesome, no casualties. Broke one leaf on the plant when I tried to tape it back in place (for the return trip), if it too where magnetised it would had been a perfect round.

Will try to make a proper post next.

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