Winter Troll

He's from Privateer Press Hordes range, a Trollbloods winter troll.

I ordered this guy too help with sculpting the fur on my trolls, and maybe use as a champion since he's quite similar to my trolls just the face that needs some work.

I made something similar for my Lizardmen kroxigors, I found a bloodbowl kroxigor, designed after the generation of krox before mine but I thought worked out fine.

The variation in style can give a unit a center point to look at since the difference stands out but it might be a bit too different for some peoples taste. However I will convert up the winter troll (face mainly as said before) to be a bit more like my other trolls if note if I'll use him. See more below...

Anyways here comes he pics of the Winter Troll

So don't know what camera I used (phone maybe) but this is the best out of the pics. So you can't see much off the model but you can see the packaging...

It was a mess to try to fit together. The pieces sort of fits but are too heavy to stuck with just super glue. tried to pin it but couldn't make it fit. Tried long and at several occasions until I just gave up. So now he lies in pieces with several failed pin holes and pins sticking out looking like a mess and he will probably stay that way for some time...

It's a cool model I just lack the motivation to continue the struggle just to try get him to stick together.

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