Rachmaninoff had big hands

The title will be explained later on...

To start of with, some more storm of magic fulcrums

 Magewrath Throne and Balewind Vortex

Gargoyle like statues and throne planning on magnetizing all and maybe the hole upper surface. Not that hard to do with the different objects but not sure how to do the surface tried with magnet/metal paint but it's to thick. It clogs up the details.

It would how ever be nice to magnetize to avoid having your character (after tons of hours painting) just balancing on pure luck on top of a high tower.

Mmmmm some skulls... Haven't decided on how to paint these grey stone a bit boring, skull coloured a bit too much skull, some weird magical colour a bit weird. Time will tell... If, I mean when I get around to paint this...
I just need to find a big doll with some nice big flat hands for the top of this one. No Balewind Vortex, meet hand of Hand of Gork
Crypt Ghouls?
 Here's the real reason to Rachmaninoff had big hands
 But why?
 "You don't collect vampire counts?"
 No but my daemons need a hand...
" What?"
Yup so I have a fanatic I want to mangle through some expensive shit. Anything really but expensive is nice, (will have one go through my night goblins to balance out my karma). So daemons of chaos have already been touched in my fluff and had a box of blood letters laying around... can't remember why.

So this blood letter will be hit right in the chest and start falling backwards and will have drop his sword so he need another empty hand. There are pictures of ordinary blood letters with their swords in the left hand but they're just photoshopped fakes whom are just mirrored. Other wise I wouldn't have this problem and an awesome blood letter with two giant swords.

Have in mind that this was before the new daemon plastic release.

So when I looked at the blood letter hands I remembered that ghouls had similar hands.
So... they aren't as big as blood letter hands but strikingly similar. But still to thin and small..

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