Fiddling Around

I'm usually one year behind in my line-up of blog post material but I'm either gaining or slacking. Since this was some time before Christmas.

So here is a gift idea for your hobby lazy gamer:

I stole some of my friends Dark Elf Executioners. Most of them had already got their swords break of. So I drilled hole in the blade and hilt. Added a pin and glued them together. He was surprised when he got them since he had already forgot that I took them. Mission success.

So have some of these laying around. They are from the Warhammer Quest box. And since both me and my friend bought both sets of fulcrums I want to convert mine a bit so they aren't identical. So out with the bone saw.

So this is the concept. Replaced the flaming skulls pedestals with the arch. Witch I find more fitting for the name to Dreadfire Portal, I just need to add some dreadfire.

So from the front I doesn't really fit so need to do some work on it. Some green stuffing, might magnetize the arch.

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