Garden of Morr and Shady Marketing

Some terrain unboxing. Lets look at Garden of Morr.
Games-Worskshop website have pictures of the Watchtower Gargoyles added to one of the buildings. Both in the overview of the set and in the close up of the building. But they are not included, which I find to be a bit shady marketing. In Sweden we even have laws against such things. However it makes for a great conversion if you want a Sigmarite shrine.

 It's the building in the back left corner that have different Gargoyles on the website.
These are the Gargoyles used on the website. But they are from the Watchtower set and not included in Garden of Morr, as I said before.
 Two of this sprues. Front and back. With one of each Gargoyle type on the top middle. Note the difference from the one seen above.
 Walls & stuff.

 Walls & stuff other side.


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