Wargaming Stigma

I need your help my dear readers.
Come hear my tale (or just jump down to the question section).

My tale:
I've studied music for about 8 years, planing to be a music teacher at municipal music school. I've already worked as it but haven't had a degree. The education system in Sweden has changed so now you can only get education towards class teacher in general pop music, which is quite irrelevant to my teaching abilities on the classical flute. I was considering getting a teachers diploma from a global grading system (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), which I've taken exams from before, both with my instruments and music theory. But the political and economical state of Sweden right now indicates it's time to jump ship. However, I would still like to be working in a music related environment, so it doesn't feel like I've wasted a major part of my life. My girlfriend and one of our mutual friends came to the conclusion that I would be a great repairman for instruments; I like to tinker/fiddle with small stuff, like to work with my hands, have music knowledge and have a great deal of patience.

So we made some research and since I'm not up for moving to Japan, Newark College in Nottinghamshire seemed to be the choice.

I'm considering to applying for a place there. Entry is based on a successful interview.
-"It is helpful to provide examples or photographs of any carpentry or art work you have done at interview to show creativity, dexterity and the capacity to work with accuracy."

Wargaming Stigma.
I'm not a master painter or sculptor, but I would say I've got examples that I consider to shows creativity, dexterity and capacity to work with accuracy. I've got an entire blog full of them, and my one room apartment might also be filled with them, not to my girlfriends delight...

I think if I showed up to an interview in Sweden with some of my models they would not be that keen about it. However since Warhammer derives from Great Britain it might be different over there.

The Question
So my dear readers, according to my statistic the British people are my second largest reader group, but I'm interested in everyones opinion. I would love if you all could help by advising me in this situation. Would it be a bad idea showing up with blue goblins at an interview? I was planing on diluting it with a bonsai tree in a thimble, made like this one and with (or make something alike) a wire oystercatcher I made for my mother some years ago. (I'll put some pics at the bottom of the post.) It would be very handy if I could get credit for my hobby. And since I've this blog much documentation of it is already made.

Or should I continue as before and keep my miniature skeletons in the closet and just go with a bonsai and a wire bird? I'm not that good at painting on a canvas so I don't know if it's even worth the bother, trying to do something like that.

How is the status of a wargamer in Great Britain? Will people bring forth the torches and pitchforks or are gamers a part of the common rubble? Half shun? Or are they accepted?

Please comment below or contact me on twitter. I would love to hear your thoughts, especially since it's a different country and a different culture. People often speak of standing up for who you are and not to be ashamed but in reality if you want a job or in this case, a place at a college, you have to choose what to say and what not to say.

Oystercatcher pictures:

He is all green. Made of recycled parts: form some discarded adapter and from a wrapping (not the actual bandage), I got after a blood donation.

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