Game :O

Yes I actually got a game in this month. First time in almost 3 years my army sat foot on the table. Put quite some effort in to painting before the match but didn't manage to get all done still but got loads done. This however, lead to not as much time for the blog so therefore this last minute post.

Once I get hold of the pictures I'll post them with some comments about the match and the army list. My phone didn't want to cooperate there for the lack of pictures on twitter as was promised.

So since I haven't got any pics of that yet here are some old pics of work in progress:

In the Honoured Imperium set you get this little pice of rubble. Mine was a miscast so the middle of the window was missing…  No close GW store and previews bad experience with the mail support so didn’t bother trying to file a consumer complaint (or what ever it's called in English).

The rubble has some bullet holes in since it’s designed for 40k. Despite all this I thought it could be made into something useful. Quick ponder about how to make it more fantasy like and came to the conclusion that adding arrows in the bullet holes was a simple but quite effective solution.

Some assembly
Statues and throne even a Magewrath Throne from a fulcrum for Storm of Magic. It's from the Magewrath Throne and Balewind Vortex set.

 Chapels/crypts from garden of more I will make one of them in to a shrine of sigmar by adding some hammer time gargoyles from the watchtower set.

Garden of Morr set.

Chimera the third and ugly head replaced with a empty spot for green stuff.. A bit afraid of this challenge but you have to try new things to learn new things.

 Some stuff thats being painted.
The guy in green is going to be all Link from the Legend of Zelda series. Got bored of painting all the same so played a little with this guy.
Mmm so blue and tasty. If you look close I don't think there should be two alike.

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