"Bits and bobs"

Found these. And squig hoppers are quite expensive... more on this later..

There's a signature in the corner, all credit to him/her
 Found this on google, don't remember what I searched for. Quite liked his arms, cloud be something for my snow trolls. I've got a bloodbowl kroxigor with something simular on his arm see pic below. I think that ogres have somethinglike that to, I might try using the skull club from the giant boxset to do a mix of these two to on of my snow trolls?  

He got some sort of impaler on his arm. It's something like that I'm going for but with a skull. Might do a skull shoulder pad instead since it's easier.

The paint job isn't that good since Lizardmen was the first army I painted, and at the moment they just standing on the shelf.

Put together 5 Bloodletters if I 've ever need them. You never know when a daemon might come in handy. I bought the boxset to have my skinks massacred them. But since my Lizardmen is on hold, I figured how about some fanatic casualties?



After one of my lessons in Göteborg/Gothenburg I snuck in to the games-workshop store while waiting for my train home. And there I found this lovely Night Goblin army by Joachim Wessmark.

 A really nice conversion on the doom diver.
Night Goblin Spider Riders.
Old Giant.
A really old fanatic. With yellow shoes.

The quality of the pictures is so poor since they are taken with my old dying phone and through the thick glas.

 A good variety of squigs, don't know how I feel about the concept of flying squig however.
Awesome Mangler squigs.

Quite expensive to make it.
Hoping for a good looking plastic kit in a near future.
 A colour full night goblin regiment. Love the mushroom standard! Surprisingly the pink and babyblue tie the regiment together and army.
 Sorry this one wouldn't focus. But it's the only pic where you can see the mushroom.
 From above, easier to see the different models.
Skarsnick and yummy gnobla.


Dwarf captive

Here comes some more of my awful sketches.
Yepp it's looks like something the cat threw up but don't worry, I will walk you through it find some pics of people done simulare things.

The idea is that two Night Goblins carry the dwarf prisoner from the Battle for Skull Pass (whose feet I have carved out). 

The problem that arose was that it doesn't look natural to carry something over their shoulders, since they doesn't have 90° angel on their elbows. The old Night Goblin box hade that however... Haven't figured out how to solve the problem.

Found in The General's Compendium 
Found almost the same thing that I'm going to do but with a hobbit instead.

Greenstuff the sleeves on the new Night Goblins might help, I'll try some things and see how it goes.