Dark Elves Part III

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Missing numbers and a coat of protective lacquer. Got a really old can of purity seal but a bit hesitant to use considering how much problem people have with the new cans. Got paint on 'ardcoat but doesn't feel like the right solution either. Tried to spray some balls with the purity seal, got good result. So will go with that when I get back (away with work for three months (but got some stuff with me so don't worry have content planed out for the blog)).

Here they all are! The bases are going to be lush well kept green grass with black borders on request by the coach.
More vials. Second from the left with Black Ark Corsairs legs almost look bare now with out a belt (The back is normally covered by a cloak hence the lack of detail.).
Having gained a bit more positive attitude towards the assassin I think this should be a sufficient line-up. If the team get developed and want to branch in a different direction I'll make more girls according to the need.
Not fussed about left most back, there used to be a slot for a back banner there so doesn't have the scaly middle bit. Not sure if I should do something about it.
And the last three. Left most has acquired a more feminine bosom since last shown on the blog. Something that shouldn't have been left until after the arms where attached. Her right arm was very troublesome during the procedure.
I'm not sure where I'll put their numbers I didn't make any dedicated area for it when I built them thinking that I'll sort that out when they where painted, starting to wonder how easy it will be...

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