Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Visited my friend over the holidays and we took Silver Tower for a spin. It was surprisingly easy going. I would recommend anyone that have the chance to give it a whirl because I had a good time playing. So won't make a full turn by turn report or review more a here's are some pictures to get a feel of it and maybe some comments.

Close ups of some of the painted stuff.

These guys aren't in the box but got pulled out with all the other minis.
Not in the box but you can use him in silver tower.

This guy was my companions choice.
Also a playable guy.
The journey begins.
Peaking out behind his personal meat shield.

Go forth my minion!
The Grot Shaman is a supporter character and we got a good combo going but it was hard for me to earn renown in the end of the mission but as a team we did really well.

He's really good at getting treasures so I filled both mine and my minions inventory quickly.

First shard obtained. There is a part two but save that for a future post. I hope you enjoyed the post even with the limited commentary.

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