Age of Sigmar Battle Report Sort of

After months of trailing in the wake of the Beastclaw Raiders our Grots came upon a artefact of Mork (or possibly Gork) pulsating with waaagh energy in form of spores from a big mushroom. The Grot tribe started to congregate around the mushroom and began to construct a crude altar.

A Stormhost shows up on the horizon determined to stop this in order to clean up and secure the area for their Sylvaneth allies while searching for realm gates.


(Battleplan from Order Battletone: Sylvaneth)

Lists: (points from Generals Handbook)

Stormcast 960/1000 points

Liberators (5)
Liberators (5)
Judicators (5)
Decimators (5)

Moonclan 1000 points

Warboss Birgash Nutcracker
Shaman Nigguk Hiddenfist the Pale
Shaman Figflinga Two-face the Stubborn
Mangler Squigs
Squig Hoppers (5)
Grots bows (60)
Grots hand weapons & shield (60)

It's not a full battle report but it gives you the gist of what happened.

 Stormcast Eternals.
Gobbos. Sorry for the backlight neither drapes nor blinds where installed.
The battlefield.
Da Boss Birgash in the center with Nigguk close behind. The squigs on the base acts as wound markers for the artefact.
The general and his battle-horn blower.
 The mangler rushes forward but gets shot down before it reaches its mark.
The left flank slowly advances.
A bad moon wreaks havoc. Or makes decent damage at least.
Lord-Relictor might need to change some lifestyle choices. After several outstanding running throws he's starting to lag behind.
Battlefield form the other side.
Figflinga is starting to get pretty beaten up after a trumpet blast dislodging a large rock at him, some energy hammers and some other stuff.  Seeing that the Knight-Venator is shooting an arrow straight at him, he decides to jump of his Dragonfate Dais and play dead the rest of the encounter.

The Grot right flank is running back to defend the artefact and avoid a charge from the onsetting Liberators.
They didn't quite get out of reach after the Knight-Heraldor spurred the Liberators on to glory. However outnumbered they found out why the Night goblins have gone up in points from the world that use to be..
The Stormhost gets within arms reach of the artefact but it's to late as the mushroom erupts in a explosion of spores. Everything goes dark as the battlefield gets swept by a muddy brown mist from the mushroom. The Stormcasts are forced to fall back coughing until the spores settles.

To be continued... 

Click here for part II

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