Structural Reinforcement

Todays content is greenstuffing and converting on the Pump Wagon.

Been adding greenstuff to make it look like the added bit is hold down by metal straps bolted down to the main floor of the Pump Wagon.
The white bolts/bits are cut from plastic rod. (Mention in end of previous post)
Front view.
ProTip! put the plastic rod in some Blu-Tack when cutting to stop the off cut from flying every where.
Making skids. The main ski is made from old plastic card bent by dipping in almost boiling water. Some scratched (for texture) sprue bits for structure and greenstuff. Tried to tie them in with the rest of the model by adding a axle nut like the once on the front horns.
Same procedure here with making the sprue bits appear bolted down. Except used thin plastic card as metal strap on the ski. No real reason more than experimenting.
Had to use greenstuff for the bit on the sprue though to make it connect to the strap on the ski properly and for simplicity.
Working on a over seized chicken to hang from hooks from the under side of the platform of the "tower". And a bad moon symbol to put on the axle nuts.

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