So sorry

I'm so sorry. Hade a post that failed going up in the beginning of july explaining I was of to work and hade lotts of school work after that. Therefore not being able to post for some time. School work is still a massive pile but as the snow hanging heavy on the branches outside I feel a increasing urge to get my goblins going.

I'm running out of space on Picasa might try another service like flicker because don't want to go down in size on the pictures since I take quite poor pictures if the go any smaller it won't be any fun looking at. I want to start using light box and improving my pictures but I've got so much old pictures already so won't come in effect any time soon.

I quite like the pictures opening in new tab when clicked on but would you rather have them hover over when click on, like on The Magnificent Bastards? Never mind that apparently I have that feature enabled but you might rather like it displayed in a different way if thats the case feel free to leave a comment.

I was asked by Rafael for some fotos of the units in my armylist, but I'm sorry it has to wait since everything is tucked away in boxes. I'll get some fotos when they are out and working on to be honest it doesn't look that good at the moment anyways.

I'll try to post something more before christmas of the stuff I already done. And again sorry for the huge gap between post but I hope you understand that sometimes life comes in the way.

Ok for some pics looked through and it happens where we are in the pictures que, I'd taken some army pics just to get a feeling how much work had been done and where it was going and so. Not the pics Rafael asked for but still.
So 27 july 2011 the army was in this stage... there has been progress but not that much one might think..

Unpainted it looks quite messy with my no two models alike. Hopefully it's get a slightly more organized chaos when painted.

The empty bases represent owned models but to lazy to put up because they nog got much further than right out of the box. The trolls eg.

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