Moved out of my apartment this month. Been packing this month so not much time for hobby. Hobby supplies took up more boxes than expected and surpassed the boxes of models which I wasn't expecting so might be good to know for you who might be moving.

Not much hobby since everything was packed away, and too lazy no inspiration to write about some of my old stuff in the picture queue. I did however put together a quotes generator for the blog. At the moment it randomise between 41 different educational quotes from:
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World Bestiary, 2nd Edition, By T.S. Luikart and Ian Sturrock; Tome of adventure; Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Gathering Storm; “Skarsnik” by Guy Haley; ”The Battle for Skull Pass.” by Nathan Long; ”Scrolls of Binding.” by Games Workshop Ltd and Warhammer online age of reckoning.

Fear not I have some pictures for you! These two was the last I was working on before I packed away all my stuff.  They're not finished yet, they still need some details, flames on their hoods and stuff.

 Gobbo gone fishing.
Blue snow angels


Cyclops & Shrooms

So I did some greenstuff on the cyclops and two objective markers inspired by two scenes out of this clip by Weebl:(Loud and a bit obnoxious you might want to mute.)

I choose "But we've got a big knife!!!" and "Hey, we're fungus!" thought they made for decent markers.

Greenstuff around the eye. And some mushroom stalks for the "But we've got a big knife!!!" marker.
Some greenstuff in the gap on the attached arrow arm on an other archer.
I did cut up "two-handed" bow to get an arm for a squig hopper, so got that arm holding an arrow left and stuck it on an archer.
Small stalks and the large ones for "We're fungus!!!"
Close up of the poorly done job on the shoulder. I'll cut off excess plastic and if needed maybe some liquid greenstuff.
When the greenstuff had set I added some caps to the stalks. But dropped the base with the small mushrooms when I was going to take the pictures so mushrooms flew everywhere...

And the cyclops got his hood repaired.
The remainders of the little shrooms.
Will separately paint up those mushrooms that fell of and then add them together with an ogre knife on the painted base.


Cyclops and the Griffon

So I felt like having a cyclops goblin in my army. Found a suitable victim, took out my pin vice / hand drill, a hobby knife and a file. I shortened the nose a bit and lower the nose bridge to make room for the eye socket. Had some trouble before finding a right size eye, I could have made one out of green stuff but went with this needle head. This will make it easier to separate the greenstuff eyelids if I'm not satisfied.
I had to cut out a part of the hood to get the eye down but will just greenstuff the hood back when I'm done with the greenstuff around the eye. Will get to the green stuff when I'm doing some more greenstuff, I feel it's to small of a project to do separately.
In July 2012 I got this with the mail.
A High Elf Lord on Griffon from Island of Blood starter box set. You can pick them up quite cheap on eBay. I had been looking for a good griffon since I saw this Harry Potter themed Night Goblin army. Found one at reaper miniatures, but wasn't sure on the scale and with shipping it became quite expensive compared to the Island of Blood griffon.
So I made a mock up of what I wanted. But wasn't satisfied with the pose and it felt like a a to big of a project, so I put it on hold. Then Empire got their new Griffon, I thought their old stubby or a bit newer slender one might have worked for my gobbos. But this new one is way to big but Wow so cool. I was determined to get my griffon together and have something maybe not as amazing and glorious but almost, almost.

So now about 2 years later I get out my bone saw and starts chopping. We'll see how far I get before I run out of steam.


Skullvane Manse, Lair of the Astromancer

So one of my latest acquiring but apparently no longer available from games-workshop but if you're lucky some retailers may still have one in stock.

Assembled with Astromancer observatory
Assembled with tower top instead
 Top layer inside the box
 Ironical it's the two bottom parts of the tower, had to rephrase my text to the picture since it first only read top layer.
 Under the "false bottom"
 Parts for the "pier" seen on the front, some parts to the small tower, some stairs, the bottom and walkways to the large tower.
 Flipped over.
 Astromancer observatory and more parts to the small tower.
  Flipped over.
Two of this sprue so I place one flipped over. Parts for the large tower.



It have been much paperwork this month, it sucks the life and energy straight out of my soul,
(also been hospitalised and been abroad) thus the delay of the blog post.

So I went to my college interview in England this month. I brought some work samples, the teacher liked my roses but wasn't that fuzzed about the models I brought so I tried to direct attention away from them. Did some logic test and talked about the course and my plans for the future. When it all was over I was offered a place, so I'll be moving to UK if all goes well and mange to get funding for the course fee and living expenses etc.

So the move will be quite a project, I believe many of you can relate too this since this hobby tend to encourage collecting and piling up stuff. So I'll have to decide what to do with all this junk. I feel that bringing some is a must since I'll be moving to the motherland and the cradle of the hobby. But it will not be that practical since I'll be moving by air. The fact that it seems cheaper to fly by London instead of Lincoln doesn't make the trip more convenient with much luggage. Then I'm not sure on what my accommodation situation will be either.

Well in due time we will see how I solve those problems, anyways here is a pic how I transported my stuff.
Straight form twitter... I taped a thimble-potted plant in the middle since it had no magnet. Magnets are awesome, no casualties. Broke one leaf on the plant when I tried to tape it back in place (for the return trip), if it too where magnetised it would had been a perfect round.

Will try to make a proper post next.


Valentine Special

So this year I'm taking care of my teachers house and cats while she is on vacation. It's a neat little house on the country side, so I'm a bit isolated no flower shops close by and spring hasn't arrived here yet. So lets make some roses for valentine.

Some paper clip, green stuff, time and patience.
Applying one petal at a time. Letting it cure in between so that previews petals don't get squashed.
I put the lump of green stuff in the freezer so that it wouldn't cure as fast while I waited on the rose.
Did some other green stuff meanwhile.
The further I got the more careful I felt I needed to be to not mess up the hole thing.
The green stuff lump got quite far in the curing process so was a bit hard to work with in the end but silicon colour shapers work great since the green stuff don't stick to them.
Had to make a decision when to stop adding petals. They might not look super realistic but I felt they look good enough and added the green leaf like remains from the bud.

Starting making leaves for the stem, once it's dried I'll add two more in a clover pattern then try to attach it to the stem.
Not finished yet. But thought I write the blog post while it dried. Hope you find some inspiration.


Photos, so many photos

Lets try again...
After almost 3 years the blue herd march to waaagh again (gets ambushed by some empire wizard wanting blue mushrooms)

So my phone didn't want to co-operate so my friend and opponent stood for the documentation, there for the delay with the pics (plus post not saving etc.). Don't remember much but what I do will be shared. See it more as pictures with description rather than a battle report.

Empire deployment.
Out of frame to the right: 10 knights
From the right (in frame)
5 Pistoliers,  mortar, first unit of chicken riders (demigryphs), Volley gun, great cannon and engineer
10 crossbowmen, Hodor the beast magician (lvl1), 10 knights, Luminark of Hysh with a lvl4 and a second unit of chicken mc nuggets
My middle, with mangler Monty Python style. Squig herd and Night Goblins with Hand weapons in the background.
My general Black Gobbo on griffon stand in Hamtaro and out of frame to the right a unit of squig hoppers with a hero on a great cave squig. Think we didn't manage to get any pictures of the entire game. Equaling their accomplishments.
From the bottom.
Snotling pump wagon, 30 Night Goblin bowmen with a lvl1 Night goblin Shaman I think, Dome diver, Rock lobber, Spear chukka, (These three didn't play for me, the dices just didn't work.) Behind the hill a unit of Night Goblin Spear men with bsb and unpainted Gubbinz as a lvl 4 Night Goblin great Shaman, and the second mangler squig.

I get first turn and all squigs march forwards and my war machines shoots at his war machines but accomplish nothing.
Close ups.
He focus his shooting and maybe magic on my manglers and picks them of.
Spot the difference, no really don't know if there are any specific reason. His engineer seems to be missing I might have magic him of or something...
Realise the fanatics
Close up on my archers and lvl1 shaman. These guys didn't do much this game.
Knights and stuff.
Big mistakes where made here. Hamtaro hiding in fear, from the war machines I was unable to shoot of. Decided to wait for a charge from the knights instead of charging them. Thought the squig hoppers could support Hamtaro if he would hold one turn. Not that bright since the knights are armed with lances but I think I learned my lesson.
Run, run you chickens!
Less than an inch from the border, and of course they will rally the next turn. Not as satisfying anymore.
The squigherd almost entirely withered away by shooting. So he sunk all his firepower on the manglers then the squigs. Leaving my war machines alone so they could shoot away his war machines but nope, not this game.
Move forth my archers to force the demigryphs to charge them leaving the pump wagon able to flank charge if they where to hold up. Spoiler : yeah sure big chance. Turns out demigryphs pack quite a punch.
Don't know?
Some knights running.. don't remember why and Hodor...
An other angle
So nom nom nom, but but guess who can do a 360° charge with no line of sight requirement. Turns out 2D6 s4 impacts hit is a bit scary.
So yeah not that great idea. Hamtaro on the run. R.i.p. my black gobbo. Onwards I'll kit him out to be more survivable since his wyvern I mean griffon cost so much. The rabbit is stand in for a hero on great cave squig. You can glimpse some squig hoppers behind the knights.
And yup they didn't stand a chance as expected and Hamtaro also got munched up.
Guess what the sun broke through an opportunity for vengeance showed itself and I rolled snake eye, double one. Two hits no wounds. No redemption here.
The frightened chickens marching back in to fight.
I let Hodor get of a Transformation of Kadon in to a Hydra since I could just dispel it next turn
Pretty much the remains of my army
An epic last stance for honour and glory. Double charged by knights and demigryphs.
Ok got some more gobbos left but still. The best and the worst about this was that the demigryphs broke from battle and fled again, but I couldn't run them down since I was locked in place by the knights :(
That conclude the battle.
We'll have our revenge!
Since the delay I got in a Triumph & Treachery game (the centre ground scenario) and the blue herd was victorious! It was a fun game, Dark elves, High elves and my gobbos. No pics from that though.