Warp Lightning Cannon / Plagueclaw Catapult

Forgot to mention in last post that the name generator has now been updated to host Kislevite names of both Gospodar and Ungol varieties. Bretonnia's generator has been updated, the old version is available as an option if someone preferred it. Orc generator is now up and running as well. And the Quotes are up to 674, and still growing.

Got this one in a lot with some other stuff.
But saw many possibilities with the frame and wood pieces.
The goo might also come in handy.
The beam used in previous post for the second Pump Wagon
And some handy platforms that will become useful.


Pump Wagon nr. 2 Part III

Part I & part II. Continued work on the Pump Wagon.

So found this suitable beam to fit between the horns on the front of the wagon. It's from the Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon / Plagueclaw catapult.
A look in the box next month.
Shorten the beam a bit and had to file the ends to fit in the holes.
Beam in place. I'm starting to realise that I need to paint this in pieces. Especially for the Rhinox.
Added platform. Need to add sort of support against the shield.


100th post special

5 years in... I expected to be posting about Wood Elves and my Warriors of Sigmar: Warriors of Chaos project (predicted Stormcast Eternals ­čś«) But I'm still plodding along with my Gobbos, don't get me wrong I still love my small blue fools but it is probably a never ending project.

So for this special I thought since I usually only post things in progress I'll post pictures of finished stuff.
Sadly no individual pictures all stashed in here:

My carrying case back in Sweden
All magnetized
Archers (New box set not Battle for Skull Pass)
Top view of the regiment.
In profile
Squig from plastic fanatic box set and a netter.
Squig close up. Smile
Squig Hopper who won me the thumb palette from painting tabled competition.
Sword of maybe maybe not
Sword of mostly falsehoods
Might get some more touching up on the blade.
Some hand weapon boys
Some more finished stuff, group pic. Ignore the unfinished stuff in the back...
Front view
Since you already saw some unfinished stuff in last two pics here are two gong bearers
And a last unfinished treat. This guy in was fist seen in Squig conversion
That post has the most views of all my 100 post beating the second place with almost double amount of views. He wasn't much to look at back then but the expectations sort of put me off working on him. However it's probably just the title that has made the post that popular.
Adding some more plates and pointy bits to the back.
From behind
Texture to plates

Hope you have enjoyed this 100th post special. Please leave a comment, subscribe and share with you friends ;P


Structural Reinforcement

Todays content is greenstuffing and converting on the Pump Wagon.

Been adding greenstuff to make it look like the added bit is hold down by metal straps bolted down to the main floor of the Pump Wagon.
The white bolts/bits are cut from plastic rod. (Mention in end of previous post)
Front view.
ProTip! put the plastic rod in some Blu-Tack when cutting to stop the off cut from flying every where.
Making skids. The main ski is made from old plastic card bent by dipping in almost boiling water. Some scratched (for texture) sprue bits for structure and greenstuff. Tried to tie them in with the rest of the model by adding a axle nut like the once on the front horns.
Same procedure here with making the sprue bits appear bolted down. Except used thin plastic card as metal strap on the ski. No real reason more than experimenting.
Had to use greenstuff for the bit on the sprue though to make it connect to the strap on the ski properly and for simplicity.
Working on a over seized chicken to hang from hooks from the under side of the platform of the "tower". And a bad moon symbol to put on the axle nuts.


Games Day 2007

As promised, here is my latest acquired goods:

Games Day 2007 - Orc Boss
Games Day 2006 - Daemon Slayer
Today we'll be looking at the Orc Boss. I'll try to hold of on opening the Daemon Slayer
Badass looking Orc Boss
and his choppa.
He'll be great for my blood bowl team.

The choppa hangs from his belt so an easy detail to ad on to another project.
The hole in the back for the shield will be filled in with green stuff.
Previous mentioned shield and
Badass looking snotling.
Trying not to start with my blood bowl team until I've finished with my Gobbo army. I've actually completed some parts of it but haven't posted anything finished here yet I think because I got distracted with new shiny stuff I was working on so need to get back to the old photo queue.
But speaking of new shinies: My latest project. Pump wagon nr 2.
So far parts from:

  • Ogre Kingdoms Ironblaster / Scraplauncher
  • Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn / Thundertusk
  • Finecast Snotling Pump Wagon
  • Orc boar chariot

Planing on having the "guard/screen" on the front horns and then put a platform behind it. Don't now if I should just plasticard and green stuff it or steal more from boar chariot or got a Skaven Warplighting Cannon / Plague Claw Catapult that got some wood stuff in it so maybe got a good platform. Leaning towards plasticard.
Made the rod out of old sprue. Will shove down some other stuff in the barrel as well.