Ball handling!

The ball is still essential to this game if you want to win. I've heard several podcast discussing different markers for the ball. I like the balls that comes with the set but want the use of them to be a smooth experience, so magnets it is!

All players will have magnets under their bases for transportation and storage. So will probably not need a magnet in the surface of the base as I tried here. The one underneath will probably be strong enough to hold the ball through the base. All balls got drilled out and fitted with a magnet. The snow base is what I use to make sure that I don't mess up the polarities.
These 3 (6 if you count the duplicates) rubs me the wrong way. They are nicely posed but as we established the ball is an important piece so you don't want any confusion on who's holding the ball. There should only be one ball on the pitch (if there isn't more than one ball...)
So with a saw, a scalpel and some files the balls got removed. Orc thrower came out alright after the operation. Ironical skulls added since GW missed a opportunity to add skulls to these models... And a random goblin that been armed with a sword from a very old skeleton kit.
The human hands and fingers proved a bit more squishy than the orc hand. So added back a green stuff thumb and tried out some brown stuff to fix up the throwers palm.
And magnets as you probably could see it coming miles away or if you follow me on twitter you would have seen it there while I finished it. There is a widget with my tweets some where here in the sideboard
Can't point to the right height because it depends on how long of a quote you get at the top.
And with balls when they actually are carrying the ball.


Thieving Grots

I saw these in the exhibition at Warhammer World and new that they where needed to my collection. So you can see them painted in that post by following this link.
Casualty orc/ork and 6 snotlings/grots remember that they being quite pricey when they where up on Games-Workshops website for a short while. But managed to pick them up for a decent price from eBay.
Casualty orc
From top left:

  • Pulling teeth from orc skull(currency) very nice piece.
  • Snotling with a sack. I think this one will be a second bribe marker for Blood Bowl.
  • Orc head with all teeth stolen pulled out or bashed out but the body implies a bullet wound in the stomach
  • Normal head with helmet on.
  • Snotling taking a dump in a helmet. I'll try to get hold of the blood bowl snotling that also taking a dump in a helmet.  
  • Snotling that probably receiving the teeth being pulled out and keeping them in a helmet.
  • Snotling trying to strangle an other snotling. Rioting fans marker maybe.

Backside of sprue.
The hole in the sack I think is a sculpted hole not a air bubble. However the teeth less head had some bubbles.
Better look at the teeth pulling snotling, and the butt cheeks of the one doing his business.
Quite poor and out of focus, but included it for the different angle.
A bit better. The holes in the gums in jaw isn't air bubbles it's where the teeth was. But there is some by the brow.
And a big one under the chin.
Nothing that can't be fixed though.


50,000 pageviews special: Warhammer World

It might not be much but I felt it needed to be acknowledge.
My phone doesn't do great at taking pictures in poor light or through glass, so quality varies a bit. Didn't manage to take pictures of everything, the tables where very busy so I didn't want to disturb. The 40k section in the exhibition was very extensive of the system I’m least in to so picture taking got a bit exhausted. There where sadly a quite poor showing of Blood Bowl content.

The bunker
Life-sized Space Marine Rhino.
Don't ask me how they fit in there with their Power Armour and superior physique.

Think this is the old spacemarine that use to stand outside.
The Warhammer World exclusive
The Bugmans. I picked up the two models to the right the left most wasn't up for sale. Think the right most version was only as long stock last being an older print.

Gameing hall

Bar fight table no rules that I could find though
I really liked this one

Shop displays


Blood Bowl display

Order display
I was a bit surprised that all miniature where unpainted but a tad of contemplation realise it's actually quite good to see what you're getting when buying things and sometimes I don't agree with how GW are painting some things. 

Destruction display


Chaos dwarfs


If you managed to find one of the assassins in the massive 40k diorama room you get the model. 

This diorama was a big deal when I got started with Lizardmen. Sadly the front picture didn't save. 
Age of Sigmar room


liz end

Fancy paint job on the Bastiladons Solar Engine

Tomb Kings

Starter box diorama. 

Focus on Spiders
Focus on Goblins

Silver Tower
Realisation of the tiles. Quite intriguing if you have played the board game

Giants pulling the gates open

Some blue and pink orcs living in a Khorne castle?

Nurgle Castle
Nurgle converted Honoured Imperium statue
Mountain Diorama

Skaven assasin

Second and final Blood Bowl display
Taking part on the Orc pit

One of several 40k rooms

Sigmarines leaking... 
The Battle For Angelus Prime
Just a couple of sets.
This room wasn't great for pictures with the changing lights. And this was the room where you could find the assassin.

Thieving Grots
Seeing these made me really needing them for my collection. After some searching on eBay I managed to secure a blister of them.