Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks & Night Goblin Warboss on Great Cave Squig

Skarsnik and Gobbla. My favorite due in the Warhammer world. Think I might have two (Three if you count the old model) so will do some conversion with one of them.
If you haven't read Black Librarys Skarsnik by Guy Haley do it! It gives insight into the green culture and loads of backstory on Skarsnik and Gobbla.

Spoilers about fluff in End Times:

Gobbla needs some greenstuff for the parts doesn't go together without large gaps.
 Thought I squeeze this one in here. Fits with the theme.
Love the concept of this guy for the game. He still hasn't made any wonders on the table yet but I'll keep trying


Fenrisian Wolves

I thought I better start getting through my queue of pictures so my thought was how about one regular post a month and one in the box post?
No need to worry I'm not planning on starting with warhammer 40k space wolfs. These are for my chariots and wolf riders.
The regular stuff. Basses will probably be good for trees. And I'm in denial for any other uses as for my fantasy... so no comments trying to convince me otherwise
Very dynamic and fancy compared to the old goblin wolfs.
Planning on giving them collars like the one in the giant box set with spikes.
A bit sad you're stuck with five poses but still you can probably mix up the heads a little. And fives better than two so won't complain.
So these in the box post I will write up in advance when I have time and schedule probably to come up in the beginning of the month. And then write regular posts in the middle or the end of the month as usual. So next post will probably be a in the box but after that (but still in July) will be a regular post.


Trolls and Skies

Did some work on Yokohama (kyodo) minazo the snow troll. The white stuff is actually blue blue tack just looks white in the photo. The other day I learned the awesome name for it: Smurf poo, and so it shall be called henceforth.
Replaced the smurf poo with some green stuff. It was a pain to glue the bucket in place. Still need to fix a goldfish for him.
Ski poles for my skiers.
Other troll I've been working on. Sadly I realised I gave him the same pose as kyodo. Phone ringed when I was greenstuffing so tried to figure out what to do with the greenstuff so gave him a chain mail loincloth while on the phone. Not the best chain mail but my first attempt and it's greenskin so imperfect is a good thing.
Tried to assembled the metal troll with two handed club. Remember assemble metals? Oh kyodo some work done on his face but forgot to take pictures but will do when he got some more fur done.
Third skier on his way.

Some moustache action.
Trying to work out some fur. Not sure how to go about it. I haven't posted my first attempt yet still in the queue. Will try to get it up soon.


Skiers continued

Some more work on the skiers.

Reposition of head on mr downhill. Been thinking I need to name these guys but think I'll wait until I get them finished for painting. Attatched skies to feets and feets to body. Have manage to break of on ski from the guy on the left. And talking about skies falling off, might add straps over the feet but feels a bit cramped. It looks like the left guys skies are a bit broad but they have been trimmed down now.
 First upperbody in place.
Starting to make some ski poles. Spears are actually quite crappy as ski poles but the alternatives didn't feel greenskin enough.
Another pair of skies. A mushroom. Tried out a wolf pelt cap for my snow troll. Some ski pole arms and torso number two in place.


Dice Tin Hacks

Through out your dices I've found the true purpose of the dice tins Gw use to sell. To be honest you probably thrown away all your gw dice in rage reading the 9th ed rumors already.

In truly pedagogic fashion I don't have a picture of a dice tin but trust me they sold dice tins like this just with dice on the front instead. This is is a counters/markers set for spell effects and other stuff.
But look at this it's like they're made for keeping models you're working on inside.Painting project or converting doesn't matter, just magnetise your models and stick them on the side. Ok might not look that impressive but it's just the right size, they don't have room to slide around and they sit firmly and the tin is so small it can fit almost any pocket. I'm telling you it's the next thing in project transportation. Old gw dice tins, you heard it here first!
Yeah the hole transport thing was because I was traveling back to Sweden over easter, and back, so haven't done so much since last. But before I went away instead of finishing off one off all the projects laying around I thought why not start another new one... So since it summer here (at least swedish summer) lets make skies. This is old plastic cards (I think these were the old pay cards you had for phone booths), that I cut up and then heated up the end with some hot air from the electric heater to bend up the tip. Not the best angle to be able to see but they have the normal ski shape.

Cut up some of my trusty gobbos to get some nice poses. I'm planing 5-6 of them in different poses. These two are going to be two classical ski poses: the one on the left bent over heads up ski poles on the side, your typical downhill trying to build up some speed. And the one on the right got the one ski over the other cross problem, bending over cursing.

I'll have to try to finish off some projects and get back to painting.


Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets

Still putting of working through the stuff in queue so here are some stuff I did yesterday.
Listen to a song for quite long ago where the lyrics talked about seven angels and seven trumpets, and got the idea about doing a filler strip with seven goblins playing trumpets.

There is 7 different spear men in the battle for skull pass set so it was meant to be. Looked through my bits box and picked out some trumpets.
Drilled out the bell a bit to make them look nicer. While looking into the origin (Revelation by John of Patmos) I found there is also an angel with a censer so will probably cut up another one and give him a censer, the more the merrier. So probably 5 trumpets on a regiment base and 3 lose 2 trumpets and a censer bearer.
Even drilled out the mouthpiece a bit, it won't be visible though...
Seen here in place...
Some foreshadowing of my trolls. Added ears on a couple of them. Since the battle for skull pass one have a damage ear.
Trying to fix a ogre club for a troll. Trolls have four fingers and ogres have five.
Found a nice accessory for one of my trolls, (throwback to old metal giant.) however the jaw flew off when I lay down the head so don't know if I'll be able to find it again.
The rest of the dark elf trumpet added. Don't know what to put in his other hand yet. And a troll puking.


CSS Monkey Business

Some progress on the name generator has been made:

  • There now is a Star Sign and Physical Features Generator added. The Physical Features generation is also available as an option on the races generators respectively. (Known bug: also shows up on the Lizardmens generator, will deal with this shortly). 
  • Halfling and Dwarf names are now generated with a birthplace.
  • Some ’ bugs been squashed.
  • Started transition from ◻︎no Surname and ◻︎no Title  to:  ☑︎Surname and ☑︎Title

Can't remember if there is something more that have been done since last status rapport. But the main thing I've been working on is to try to implement my custom check boxes and radio buttons but haven't had much success. I'm quite pleased with how I've placed the buttons at the moment after I made some small adjustment to the spacing to fit the new Physical Features Generator. But now when I trying to change it, it takes on its own life, behaving in unpredictable ways. Been trying to strip it down to the bare basics to try to understand what's going on but it left me clue less. Even when I try using my current code it seems to become upside down or mirrored so somethings messing with me and I haven't figured out what yet. I think I need a little break from CSS and then go back and try to learn to crawl before I try to run. I preferred java script since it's more math/logic based but think that is mostly done now and it's more the styling that needs to be done (through CSS sadly).