Electronic Tinkering

So my project broke during the move. And broke once more after re-glued so keeping them separate for now.
Slot for battery stack and drilled a slot for on off mushroom. Became a bit askew so altered it a bit and will clean it up with some green stuff when finished.
Stripped down a USB cable for some wires.
Here is the on off latch. The third stub fell down into the carpet so had to remake so a bit different as you can see. It's main purpose is to hold the switch in place while gliding back and forth, so won't matter much.
This is the bit that connects the two lines and slides back and forth to break the connection. I greenstuffed a pin to it since it so small solder might have drowned it and glued didn't want to hold it.
A bit closer don't know if it is any better but included the to compensate for the poor quality.
A bit hard to see but here are the latch in place, (metal up) not glued in place but works with slot. Now only a thing to hold the batteries in place is missing. Didn't have time for that this time so the project continues.


Ironblaster / Scraplauncher

Dual plastic kit. A lot of bits as usual with Ogres. Bought this to convert into a Pump Wagon.

Front of the box showing of the Ironblaster
The back showing the Scraplauncher.
If you are interested in the old metal Scraplauncher I got an in the box for that over Here.
So haven't decided what to do with my spare ogres but they probably come handy when least expected.
Other side
You know the drill, front
Here are the main body. Got a bit sad about it, with all the bits you get overwhelmed with detail but without any bits there isn't much to the wagon. Don't get me wrong There are loads of details and quite nifty what they used but it's quite flat.
I will probably build an extra floor too it may try to copy the really old Pump Wagon.
Got a bit carried away and tried to put the cannon together before I to the pictures.
The Sabertusk skin is really nice, don't know how easy it will be to use for something else though
Thorough instructions
And the other side.


Keister Stash

The drilling has commenced!
Here you can see the drill bit, made for wood so the spike and flat profile have given me some trouble.
Close up.
Starting to get there.
Height comparison to the base. Probably need it a bit deeper so I can fit something that can hold the batteries in. You can see a white line at the wrist from the strain from me holding it while pressing down with the drill bit.
In the process of avoiding breaking of the hand the other arm came off...
Got it a bit deeper now. Need to ad a bit of green stuff at the front but it has worked out fine. Dry fitting next if I get it to fit, on to wiring and sculpting after that. Stay tuned!



Blank boxes wonder if they repacked them with Duardin, or if that won't happen until they get a wave and book with scenarios?
So there is loads of neat extra bits in this set and you get two of each sprue so double the bits, yay!
With two ponies from here and probably two from Battle for Skull Pass I should have enough for a good sized trade caravan for a scenario game or two. Have seen a couple different centered around that if I remember correctly, think one was in the general's compendium from back in the day.
Here is the bit that I was the most interested in. He's sitting with his back turned so easier to see on the next picture.
Third bit from the bottom to the left. And underneath him is a cage he goes in. Since you get two of the sprue it twice as awesome. Will paint him up proper greenskin since he's captured from rival tribe.  
Instructions and since this was before Age of Sigmar dropped, still my beloved square bases from a world that once was.
Bought some plastic rods at the local hobby shop for some conversions. Thought it might come in handy to cut off small discs to glue on like nailheads and bolts for a good greenskin construction feel.
Got 3 chariots and 2 pump wagons to finish so when I get to them I'll post some pictures of in use.


Back To School

I just got back so haven't had much time since last. But some things have happened:

I have tried the 3 first test scenarios of Age of Sigmar. It was clear that it was made to sell Stormcast since they were the once suppose to win the games when paying. I however am not of fan of Space Marines so opted for the Khorne marauder guys. First scenario Space Marine on pinioned dragon against a dude with a wipe and his brute. I got first turn tried to put up a fight but there wasn't much of a chance but yeah these are to learn the rules I know.

2nd is what you see in the picture (I was going to take better pictures afterwards but didn't happen). The angles was going to go across the table and I had to stop them. He decided to try to attack one of my groups, because he didn't want to step into the space in between the two. I got annihilated, the whole group gone only chance I should have had where if they had been together but scenario stated they had to deployed 18" apart or something like that.

3rd scenario. Got some new troops. He was suppose to survive a certain nr of waves. He gives me the first turn I think I have to get as much out of it as possible since my troops resets at the boardline after 3 turns maybe? So runs up as far as possible. Think he charges me in his turn to try to take of some of my guys, when I strike back I kill all of his guys except the healer whom no doesn't have troops to heal... He dies next turn. We now get distracted by the notion of food and didn't feel compelled to get through the rest of the scenarios afterwards. I still want to give it a proper try but both felt a bit burned after this I think. I know this are just scenarios to ease you in to the game, but these are the games you base your first opinion of the game on. I'm not impressed. My beloved  fantasy was rich and deep not without it's flaws but there was so much details to it. This newcomer feels sloppy and incomplete.

But as I said I'll keep going with my goblins like nothing happened. Removed a spear.
 And a Bow
To give this guy some arms to build with. First now that I realise how big the snow lantern is but it will be fine. Lucky for him I didn't have a big enough drill bit. Need one that will make a hole big enough to fit the batteries in. When I get one I'll give this guy a good drilling that give him trouble walking and sitting for a while.


Snotling Pump Wagon & Misc

Let's do some in the boxing. Ordered this mainly for the snotlings and to fill out my order I made for (covered in next months in the box) Dwarf Miners.
I will make use of the wagon parts when converting up the new Scraplauncher. Thinking of going a bit in the direction of the old Pump Wagon with a roof, we'll see. My first Failcast / Finecast I think.
Got away without any major miscasts, I think.

Since the wheels are replaced with skies on all wagons and chariots,  I'll be left with a lot of wheels that I have to come up with a use for.
Even though expensive,  it was enough to push it over the edge for free shipping, so still worth it: Long bases to make some rows in the regiments look more alive.
 Got a 40k pin yay...?
Picked up some Warmaster from eBay to use for campaign markers and stuff like that. Haven't opened it yet but hope you can see the awesome details still, like the boss riding a squig.
And on unopened old blisters I have this laying around a High Elf Bolt Thrower from 1995?

If anyone is looking for this it's up for grabs. Was thinking on putting up it on miniswap on reddit or something, because I been looking for a oop Night Goblin Character sometimes called shaman but has what looks like a double moon halberd. So even if you're not interested in the bolt thrower give me a shout if you got a goblin you're willing to part with. I'm also looking for an alternative model of a goblin riding in the mouth of a big squig, probably based on something out of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. So if you got any of those two or want the bolt thrower feel free to contact me through any of the following: Comments, Twitter, contact page or contact button in the side column.


Live Under A Rock

So, not the best time going abroad for a long time without internet. Yeah, the last 4 posts have been schedule if you missed that. I'm quite gutted that they've just scraped all the fluff. I haven't tried out Age of Sigmar, am a bit burned and since I'm quite isolated I have no one to test it with. So won't judge it yet. 

However I know I want to finish my goblins so I'll just keep going like nothing happened. And then if nothing have happened before they're finished, I'll probably make a Blood Bowl team of goblins and a Mordheim team. When all that is done, we'll see where we are. 

Note that I started with Warhammer in 6th edition and it got scrapped before I finished a complete army... My Lizardmen got close, but grew my army and changed colour scheme several times. Wood Elves got started but fizzled out with 8th edition. And goblins are still trucking on. Toying with the idea of making a Wood Elf force for Age of Sigmar or Sylvaneth, whatever they call them now. Got some "Aelf" Dragon Princes of Caledor that might be something to squeeze in there also. We'll see where it goes.

Planning on buying the iBooks version of End Times and the other books still available when I can afford it, if ever. Through focus on conserving old Warhammer fluff, I've started to expand my quotes widget and make it accessible like a lexicon or something like that. With the lack of internet and hobby stuff on my work trip I have gathered quotes, at moment it's up to about 260. Have started on the code for the "lexicon" but it will be a rather small project compared to the name generator. 

Speaking of the name generator, it's based on old fluff names but hope age of Sigmar players will still make use of it, so all the work spent on it wasn't in vain. With the small model count all models deserve a good name, right? 

And some progress from before the Norway trip. 
There will be a goblin building the snow lantern.

This time I made sure the bases were level when making a double base, however the surface wasn't level when I took the picture so it looks a bit wonky. Sawed of the sides facing each other and glued some plastic card to hold it in place. Will cover it with greenstuff later.
A LED light inside. Will try to fit the batteries inside the gobbos robe, if it's possible.
And a chip that makes it flicker for a more realistic fire experience. Oooh fancy...