Blood Bowl Box Set

Bought the box set to hopefully spur me on to finish my troll conversion and a blood bowl team has been on my wish list to finish. Now with the rerelease seems like a good time to get in to it. Let's look in the box.

Bought Death Zone also since that was recommended for the full experience and for league play.
Back side
Orcs spruce x2
Other side
Human spruce x2
Other side
Broken claw
Zoom in on orc spruce for equality.
Squig ball
Cover a bit damage but better that then what it was protecting.
Dice, cards, bases and rule book.
Two sided pitch
Two sided dough outs.
Two mystery zipper bags?, transfer decals, 50% off steam voucher. Exclusive referee Jersey and two ball designs? for all race.


Blood Bowl Pics

Popped in to Nottingham's Games Workshop when I was in town. Took some pictures on the things in the exhibition cupboards that I thought might do for some good blog content. Enjoy!

Some good old classic wood elves.
Surprisingly good looking stormcast blood bowl player conversion
Classic Skaven
Different angle.
Some neat looking norse made from the Space Wolves Wulfen.
And different angle.
Even though it's 40k there is always beauty in some orcish handy work.
Fancy Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade.
Really cool conversion of what I thing might be the Mighty Lord of Khorne (Khorgos Khul) from the Age of Sigmar starter set, not sure though, Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-hammer for the main body, head from Exalted Deathbringer with Impaling Spear, a axe and a Fenrisian Wolf.
Here is another angle. You can also see Dark Elf Sorceress with a bit darker skin hue than usually depicted.

And a hornless Chaos Sorcerer Lord also less common colour scheme.
Some Dragon Ogres or "Dragon Ogors" , a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth and a converted Dragon Ogre Shaggoth?
Doesn't feel like the picture gives credit to how huge the Dread Saurian is but if you compare it to the Tau next to it you should be able to get an idea.
Some pictures from outside. Big cuddly wyvern.
Gordrakk, Fist of Gork not quite centered on his base.
Some Gore-gruntas
Might pick up a Blood Bowl Box so maybe some more hands on pictures form next month.



A bit late post this month. Life is busy and when I went to paint up the pumpkins from last month post to have something to show, I could only find old dried up paints and a weird colour selection as well, so basically all the colours that never get used. I manage to find four more colours now (a week later) so writing up this while letting a coat dry. It won't be much to show but feels better than a post saying sorry no content for this month. I got loads of old pictures in the queue but I feel like I don't know where I left off and I wouldn't expect any readers to have a clue either so probably need to spend a significant amount of time to try to make anything comprehendible out of it. But this post probably be some educational with old and new colours name. Enough waffling here are some pictures of the pumpkins:

Ground coat of, attempted to try to get Snakebite Leather now called Balor Brown, Scorched Brown now Rhinox Hide not sure how much I managed to get out of either since they where quite dried up. Mixed in some Scab Red now Khorne Red for a second coat.
Manage to find some Fiery Orange now Fire Dragon Bright.
And mixed them together to get a bit darker orange.
 First coat of orange.
 Second coat
Was thinking to lighten up the colour for some high lighting with Bubonic Brown now Zamesi Desert but all dried up so I tried went with Bleached Bone now Ushabti Bone. Some Dark Angels Green now Caliban Green on the leaf. That has to be it for now. I'll try to get a more proper post before the holidays.


Halloween Special

Thought we make some pumpkins today while I had the green stuff out.

Didn't have enough hands to take pictures while working on them, but it's an easy enough process.
Started by rolling a round ball. Then marked the ridges using a silicon tipped sculpting tool.
Then took the other end of the tool to make the indent in the top.
Cleaned up the edges of the crater.
Attached a leaf not sure why because they don't grow there on pumpkin plants... but felt appropriate.. Added the stem stump.
And lastly went over the ridges again.
We'll see how they turn out. The greenstuff was still quite soft so might sag a bit to much. But they where quite quick to make, so might do some more when I see how these turned out.
Yeah and the chair I took out the greenstuff for. A cheap dollhouse chair. Not the best of jobs done on it. Thought that some cross beams might distract from the state of the rest of the chair. Couldn't detach the legs to drill in to them properly so decided to just greenstuff the beams in place. Then sand it a bit and then cover it in a thick coat of paint.


Age of Sigmar Battle Report Sort of Part II

After finding a potent artefact from the Gods. The Grots have started construction of an Idol to Mork at the location. The Stormhost approaches with reinforced strength. 

(Battleplan from General's Handbook)

Stormcast 2000 points
Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
Decimators (5)
Judicators (5)
Liberators (5)
Liberators (5)
Liberators (5)
Liberators (5)
Liberators (5)
Liberators (5)
Prosecutors (3)
Protectors (5)

Moonclan 2000 points
Warboss Birgash Nutcracker
Warboss Gritbit Pointyteeth Bowrider the Deafening
Warboss Gibbkit Sharpfang Groingrinder
Shaman Nigguk Hiddenfist the Pale
Shaman Figflinga Two-face the Stubborn
Squig Hoppers (5)
Grots bows 60
Grots hand weapons & shield
Grots spears & shield
Fanatics 4
Mangler Squigs 2
Squig Herders 10
Squigs 20
Squig Herders 10

Forces reinforced anew. Sqiugs charges forward under heavy bombardment once again.

Knight-Vexillor teleporting the Decimators close in to the idol threatens to bring an early end to the encounter.
Fanatics lurking in the ranks and Squig Hoppers manage to fend of the imposing threat.
The rest of the herders might have fallen but Ugkit Evileye the Shrouded, the brave squig herder won't be slain that easily.
Even with continues poor performance from the grots trying to build the idol the Liberators realising that time is running out and rushes forward.

Déjà vu Figflinga once again position at a place of magical power. Beaten up after a trumpet blast dislodging a large rock at him and all manner of abuse. The Knight-Venator is shooting an arrow straight at him, he decides to jump of his tower and play dead until the dust settles.
Strong, unfaltering, resolute, ever dodging, fearless Ugkit persist.
In the end even Ugkit have to fall.

Gobbos trying to fend of the Stormcast closing in on all sides.
With the Stormhost within arms reach of the idol the grots finally manage to finish the idol. Eyes snap open alit with green fire. Letting out a rumbling growl.

The Stormcast is once again forced to fall back, now on the defence and grots approaching from all around them.