Trolls and Skies the Prequel

So here are the backstory to what I was talking about in Trolls and skies

So this is back in time my first attempt at replicating a snow troll conversion (<-Link to old post about it) I had found.
Started sculpting some hair on the arms and replacing a jaw.
Back in current time. I tried to make a panorama of my current trolls in progress. The hulk in the middle only have his arms attached with smurf poo so far.
So I took the beefy arms from these: the rat ogres from The Island of Blood set.

I've got the Winter troll I'll try to convert up so he fits in a bit better, and then two more skull pass trolls. One might become crew member for my rock lobba, and the other one will get river troll arms.

More reports on the progress on these fellas when I get back to England.

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