Trolls and Skies

Did some work on Yokohama (kyodo) minazo the snow troll. The white stuff is actually blue blue tack just looks white in the photo. The other day I learned the awesome name for it: Smurf poo, and so it shall be called henceforth.
Replaced the smurf poo with some green stuff. It was a pain to glue the bucket in place. Still need to fix a goldfish for him.
Ski poles for my skiers.
Other troll I've been working on. Sadly I realised I gave him the same pose as kyodo. Phone ringed when I was greenstuffing so tried to figure out what to do with the greenstuff so gave him a chain mail loincloth while on the phone. Not the best chain mail but my first attempt and it's greenskin so imperfect is a good thing.
Tried to assembled the metal troll with two handed club. Remember assemble metals? Oh kyodo some work done on his face but forgot to take pictures but will do when he got some more fur done.
Third skier on his way.

Some moustache action.
Trying to work out some fur. Not sure how to go about it. I haven't posted my first attempt yet still in the queue. Will try to get it up soon.

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