Still haven't got the pictures from the game. They aren't far of just a bussy schedule in the way.
So in the mean time lets get a in the box going.
The old Ogre Kingdoms Scraplauncher. I ordered this from ebay a little while after the release of the new plastic scraplauncher hopeing that the rummor of this set being horrible to assemble would lower the price when there was an alternative out there. But as we know warhammer never goes down in price.
I bought this to convert up to a Snotling Pump Wagon. I think it fits well, gnoblars replaced with snotlings, the "Pump Harder Ladz!" rule works well with the rhinox being whipped and the "Too Pumped Up" meaning the rhinox goes mad by constantly being whipped by those pesky snotlings.
Many metal parts, not too soon but I would one day second guess my decision.
Size comparison.

If you are interested in the new plastic kit for the Scraplauncher I got an in the box for that over Here.


2000p Blue Herd Army List

So here's my army list. As usual no power list, I go for my fluffy choices but this time I got stomped, don't know how much was due to my mistakes (made some obvious and devastating) or how much is due to the list. There was some quite horrible bad luck on some dice rolls too but that might be expected when the army isn't fully painted right?


Black Night Gobbo Warboss on Griffon 
Ironcurse Icon
Stand-in Hamtaro

Gubbinz Night Goblin Great Shaman
Lvl 4
Gift of the Spider-god
Itchy Nuisance
Night Shroud
Curse of da Bad Moon

Sum: 500 = 25%


Dagskar Earscrapper Night Goblin Big Boss
Battle Standard Bearer
Light Armour
The Bad Moon Banner

Night Goblin Big Boss on Great Cave Squig
Light Armour
Sword of Might

Nazbad Wartfinger Night Goblin Shaman
Lvl 1
Vindictive Glare

Sum: 261 = 13,05%


40x Night Goblin with Hand Weapons
Musician, Standard Bearer, Nets 2x Fanatics

30x Night Goblins with Bows
Musician, Standard Bearer, 1x Fanatics

39x Night Goblins with Spears
Musician, Standard Bearer, Nets 2x Fanatics

Sum: 622 = 31,1%


26 Squig Herd
14 Squigs 12 Handlers

7x Squig Hoppers

Spear Chukka

Sum: 267 = 13,35%


Doom Diver

Pump Wagon

2x Mangler Squigs

Rock Lobber

Sum: 350 = 17,5%

Total: 2000p = 100% 177 Models (including fanatics and crews)
Fortitude: 6 (we didn't play any scenario but if it interests you)