Still haven't got the pictures from the game. They aren't far of just a bussy schedule in the way.
So in the mean time lets get a in the box going.
The old Ogre Kingdoms Scraplauncher. I ordered this from ebay a little while after the release of the new plastic scraplauncher hopeing that the rummor of this set being horrible to assemble would lower the price when there was an alternative out there. But as we know warhammer never goes down in price.
I bought this to convert up to a Snotling Pump Wagon. I think it fits well, gnoblars replaced with snotlings, the "Pump Harder Ladz!" rule works well with the rhinox being whipped and the "Too Pumped Up" meaning the rhinox goes mad by constantly being whipped by those pesky snotlings.
Many metal parts, not too soon but I would one day second guess my decision.
Size comparison.

If you are interested in the new plastic kit for the Scraplauncher I got an in the box for that over Here.

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