In the Box: Battle for Skull Pass

 Since my first skull pass was cut up and assembled I needed a new one for in the box post.
 Goblin spider sprue front
 Goblin spider sprue back

 Goblin sprue front

Goblin sprue back

Dwarf sprue front
Dwarf sprue back

Larger stuff sprue front

Larger stuff sprue back

 Textured bases
 Bases and dice
 Outdated rulebook and introduction blocket

Measuring sticks and templates

Next up: a comparison of the Battle for Skull Pass goblins and the goblins from the Night Goblin Box.


In the Box: Night Goblins

Time to fill up the ranks. I also needed this two to make some of my planed conversions.
After I've posted "In the Box: Battle for Skull Pass"
I'll make a comparison of the two and show how lazy the sculptor has been..

As you can see, you can dive the two sprues in 4 smaller sprues 3 of those 4 are the same, and the last one is a command sprue.
No extra bits, except for the weapon choice you're not taking, and a head.

I'll talk more about this box later.