The Artifacts of the Northern Trading Route

The northern trading route spanned from far beyond High Pass (or Belyevobota Pass as Kislevites call it) in the east and with Praag as a middle point, before heading south or further northwest. Since the fall of the dwarf hold Karak Vlag the caravans have decreased. Now only the largest and the heaviest guarded caravans would travel along skull road and make it through the pass without falling victims for raids of the forces of chaos. These caravans have more than families of ogre mercenaries guarding them, they usually are whole nomadic tribes of ogres that the trading caravans follows. The worshipers of chaos on the other hand have no problems in using the pass, as an example the Chaos Warriors of Norsca utilizes the pass for their trades with the Chaos Dwarfs on a regular basis.
The path west of the pass is however still heavily used because of its close proximity to both the mines of Novchozy and Iaryn, and it’s the main access to supplies from the Empire and the south.

Rumors of a dwarven caravan transporting artifacts trough the Northern Trading Route reached the village of the Night Goblin Tribe of Snow White Hills. A road block were placed by the Goblins and Snotlings. There where loud noises from the animals in the forest located a short distance away from the road. Sharp snaps sounded from the vegetation crackling but the blue herd would not get distracted, they wouldn’t fall for such simple tricks. And their wait was rewarded. A lonely pony with a sleigh came walking down the path. The Goblins charged forward, the pony stopped and looked foolishly forward as his doom stumbled towards him. The Goblins marched homewards with their loot dragging behind them. The tarnished crates that survived to the village were tagged:

the Fork of Truth
the Knife of Lies
the Spork of Condescension
the Sword of 77% Probability
the Sword of Maybe Maybe Not
the Sword of Mostly Falsehoods
the Stick of Lies

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