Sorry no epic Goblin conversion (yet), just me up over my head with school work.
Got some idees for objective markers form a youtube clip:

Some easy greenstuffing, the guitars might be hard to make without them looking lumpy. Maybe I'll try plastic card or something. Round base painted purple will be the stage. I just hope my unibrow drummer will be as awesome as mr orange.
Just a lot of small greenstuffmushrooms and a ogre knife.

Next post I probably have some more time letting me wirte more of a propper post. So then we'll be dismember some goblins from Battle for Skull Pass.



Found these chickens in a sales bin. So now I got enough stand ins for my manglers.

One day my mangler stand ins will be exchange for something cool like this guy.

Also found some bushes, didn't buy them since my Lizardmen army is on the shelf at the moment but thought the price was noteworthy, I think. Ok just noticed apparently Games-Workshop hasn't got bushes for sale anymore, then I won't discuss the price since we haven't got a good comparison.

I do however know about another site who's selling that kind of stuff. Haven't ordered from them but noticed their range of products. So if you looking for bushes or similar terrain you could check this site: uxcell.com
Quite good variety of stuff but the prices are a bit dodgy since they add shipping on every product.