Some colour tests. Purple got a very sophisticated feel to it so it goes good with spears but I don't want a bunch of Dark Elves wandering around in my army. The red got more of a furry and barbarian feel to it so hand weapons maybe but then I thought that since they already got that feel to them, my spears might benefit more from a ruffing than them. Green is a keeper so bows probably will get purple details and then one regiment of green and one red. Blue shields will get repainted once every thing else starting to get finished. No big fan of white shields but might get used. But thats a later problem, have no plans or funds for a third regiment yet. 


New pics

Just two pics that are not as messed up by the flash.
I painted the spite at the same time as the snotling thats why he's on the tray, sorry about that. Removed him on second pic but that pic has kind of weird angle.


Red + Blue = Purple

If the red squigs eat blue mushrooms they logically become purple.

The flash from the camera ruins the pic a bit but you get the idée. The reflection is kinda good doh.. might be better to look at the reflection instead...

Some skull pass goblins. I haven't decided color on the shields yet but it will probably be different on each unit to keep them apart.

And Sandy Claws of course. His grey robes drenched in the blood of his victims in a jolly holiday spirit.
And a branch of- or a small spruce, made by an arm from a dryad and some basing grass.

Some herders in the background.


Conversion idée

My other snowtroll will be a tribute to the deceased Yokohama Minazo. So I will try to get a empire cannon bucket from ebay and if any of you know were I can find a small fish to have as a pet in the bucket, with some water-effects, I would love if you leave a link in the comments.



I've decided to go with regular trolls because I want to convert snowtrolls (mentioned in norscar fluff) and it would be pity to do such conversion on the already nice looking stonetrolls.
So  since I nicked my friends troll (because it's ugly) I've got two. so I started with removal of the stone, but I'll probably end up removing the hands to for something like a ogre hand with a weapon, so a bit of over work there. 

Artist: spubbbba (photobucket expired)
This is what I'm going for! Saw it on a blood bowl tread.