expanding army

So I manage to get my hands on a skull pass. Half of the spears will get converted to hand weapons and then I will buy some boxes of night goblins and mix all regiments up with so it will look alive and nice.
And to celebrate I ordered this from ebay :)


Colour test

Okey don't freak out. There is a explanation you just have to wait for the fluff post to come up.
So I'm quite bored by all orc's&goblin armys looking the same so I went my way as usually.
okey sorry for the fuzzy pic but neither got a good camera nor a stand.
So this badboy won't join the army I just wanted to test the colours 

They got scorpion green eyes now you probably catch it in later uploads.


My army blog

I thought I should document my army's progression, so I will put up my work in progress pics here and some fluff for the army, then hopefully some finished result and maybe some battle-reports.

My army will have a night goblin theme and will not be a power list, it will be fluff choices. The tribe resides north of Kislev so a winter themed army. I have seen so many armies with snow bases so I decided that my third army should be one with really fluffy snow( instead of snow patches that all the oder armies have). The fact we had one really long and snow rich winter here in Vänersborg helped with the inspiration.

Feel free to leave me some feedback on the coming posts .